Meaning of MEA Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs [MEA] attestation is essential for people who travel abroad for a job or higher studies. MEA document attestation is required right after the certificate attested from respective state HRD (Human Resource Department). The Ministry of External Affairs does the document attestation of type
1. Personal document(s)
2. Educational Document(s)
3. Commercial Document(s)

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation is one of the important procedures in document attestation. People who are going or planning to go abroad for a job or higher studies need to submit certain documents for verification. The country that you are planning to go needs to know the originality of the documents. So, the country will ask you to attest the documents from their respective embassy in your home country. Before embassy attestation, the state authorities and the Ministry of External Affairs have to verify the document. Only after that, the embassy attestation takes place. The Ministry of External Affairs will attest the document verified by the respective state authorities.

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