HRD Attestation in Rajasthan

HRD Attestation in Rajasthan

The Process of HRD Attestation in Rajasthan is important for authentication of the document. It stands for Human Resource Department Attestation (HRD attestation). Every State has its own HRD/HD/GAD/NORKA department for authentication of the document(s) issued from the universities/institutions of same state. If the educational document(s) have to get attested from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA attestation) & from Embassy (Embassy Attestation), then document should be first authenticated from Rajasthan HRD Department because the document is being issued from the state University / Institution.

Need For Rajasthan HRD Attestation

HRD attestation is mandatory / required while you are migrating to any another country or going abroad for higher studies or work / Job. Educational certificate attestation is done to prove the originality of the certificates.

HRD attestation is very important for

  1. Admission in foreign universities or schools
  2. Applying for Job in abroad
  3. Applying Permanent Residency (PR) in abroad (as per country norms)

When you apply for admission in foreign universities/college/Institutions or schools, they need to know the authenticity or Originality of the educational certificates provided by you. So, you need to get attested those certificates from

  1. Rajasthan HRD Department
  2. MEA (Attestation / Apostille) from Delhi
  3. Embassy of the migrating country in India

Similarly, you need HRD attestation for getting employment opportunities in foreign countries. In some cases, you also need to provide educational certificates verification from the issuing universities/Institutions.

How much time Rajasthan HRD attestation takes?

HRD Attestation in Rajasthan usually takes around 15-20 working days. In some cases it takes up to 30 days.

Where to apply for HRD Attestation in Rajasthan

You can get attestation directly from Rajasthan HRD department located in Jaipur. But for hassle free and easy process you should choose Attestation Hub. we provide HRD, MEA and Embassy attestation services with 100% Safe & quick delivery and best price in industry. You can contact us here

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