What is Document Attestation and why it is required?

Document attestation

In Today’s World Authenticated Document are required everywhere when you are moving abroad for a job, business or education in foreign countries. . Many people move to abroad for these reasons or  different reason, one of the important things you need  is documentation like

  • Personal Documents
  • Educational Documents
  • Commercial Documents)

If you don’t have authenticated documents you can face many problems in foreign countries like

  • Denial from job
  • Rejection of admission for higher education
  • In most rejection of visa permit.

Your Documents must be authenticated and verified from the Departments of Indian Government as well as the embassy/departments government of the country your are visiting. The process of document attestation is a stamp,sign or a symbol in itself for verifying the authenticity of a certificate from the department. We will tell you what is attestation. why it is required and how you get attestation on your documents. You can get your document verified from the state government departments as well as department and ministries of central govt of India.

What is Document attestation?

Document attestation in the way of checking the authenticity of the document by the sign or stamp of the verifying department. This process requires the submission of the original documents and the photocopy to the respective department for the verification of the documents. After the department verifies the document they give stamp or attest the document.


if you are travelling abroad you need visa permit of that country. Visa is issued to you only if you have attested documents. therefore, it is mandatory to get your attested before planning to travel abroad. if you are looking for family visa then the attestation of marriage certificate is necessary.

Types of Document Attestation

There are three primary kinds of attestations:

1) State Attestation

State Attestation done by different deparments

  • Human Resource Department ( HRD Attestation)
  •  Non Resident Keralites Affairs (NORKA attestation)
  • General Administration Department (GAD Attestation)
  • Home Department (HD Attestation).

Most States have HRD department attestation which is also knows as HRD attestation. State attestation is mandatory for MEA Attestation(Ministry of External Affairs) which is a part central govt . Different document types have different types of state verification . For instance, in the event of educational certificates, attestation from HRD Department is expected. In the case of personal certificates, General Administration Department(GAD) of the involving state should attest the document earlier to attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs. Read more here

2) MEA Attestation or Apostille

Ministry of external Attestation also known as MEA Attestation. MEA attestation or Apostile is required for Embassy Attestation. Read More about  fees, timing & more here

What is MEA Apostille?

An Apostille is a kind of attestation in which certificates are legalized in an appropriate form that is admissible in all countries that relate to the Hague Convention. Apostille is a global attestation Service that is admissible in nearly 92 nations, and most of the countries prefer Apostille. It is Done by Ministry of External Affairs.

Apostille stamp is a computer generated sticker stamp in a square shaped, fixed on the opposite of the certificate by the MEA, Government of India. It has a different ID number, by which any associate nation of The Hague convention can verify its legitimacy online.

3) Embassy Attestation

Embassy/Consulate attestation is the last and final step of the authentication and attestation process of documents. Embassy Attestation is done by the embassy of the country you are visiting. All the embassies are location in new delhi, India. The process of Embassy Attestation usually takes 3-5 working days depending upon the embassy. Some embassies doesn’t do attestation they only need MEA apostile for verification. Read more here


How to get Document Attestation ?

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Documents are very important thing in everyone life. It is recommended to pick a company who has been in this industry for a quite long time, have required experience and consist of a professional team, for the process of attestation. People often overlook the responsiveness of a particular service provider. Quick response and effective cost are two simple features you should be searching for any attestation service provider.

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