The main process involves in commercial certificate attestation are:

  • Embassy Attestation: The attested commercial documents has to get attested from the embassy office of the destination country in your home country.
  • MOFA Attestation: Mofa attestation is required when you reach the destination country. You have to get all your documents and license from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Chamber of Commerce Attestation or Legalization is required on the Commercial Documents. The Commercial Documents need to be attested from Chamber of Commerce when the intended companies wish to export some Indian product into abroad. In the cases when the intended company is planning on opening a branch in a foreign country. The Certificates or Commercial Documents Attestation starts from the Chambers of Commerce Legalization or Attestation followed by the Commercial documents or certificates that will then be attested from The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). And then finally the Commercial Certificates or Documents will be finally legalized from the Embassy or Consulate of the destination Countries present in India.

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