Refund Policy

  • We reserves the right to cancel payments or orders prior to the commencement of the delivery or application process, without stating any reasons for the same.
  • Applicant may cancel the order within a statutory period of 5 working days beginning from the time of email confirmation of your order from attestationhub and before initiating application process. However , with your express permission(As and when the payment is done by the applicant) we will commence the application process and looking forward for delivery of the order immediately. Therefore the services will be deemed to have been provided and applicant will lose the right to cancel the order. We shall expressly request your permission to do so at the time you submit your order.
  • If application is rejected by the Embassy/ Consulate/ Concerned Authority, attestationhub unable to provide a refund in any case and you will have to apply directly to the Embassy/ Consulate/ Concerned Authority for a attestation service which may involve additional charges as per the authority.
  • Refunds will be provided/claimed/requested in cases where we are unable to provide the service as stated on the website to our applicants.

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